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Artful Online: Professional Development for Teachers and Teaching Artists

Resources to help ALL students
achieve high academic standards
in and through the arts


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Artful Online offers blended online access to a unique collection of arts education resources that support teaching, learning, and facilitating with a variety of components, including research-based tools and strategies, and real world video and audio clips.

For years the Perpich Center for Arts Education has been at the forefront in shaping collaborative work in arts education, providing continuous funding, visibility and strategic support for arts-based education reform efforts in Minnesota. In collaboration with Minneapolis Public Schools Online Professional Development, the Perpich Center continues to work with state and national arts education partners to build and share resources that enhance the professional development of all arts educators. 

 Artful Online has been funded in part by a United States Department of Education Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant, the McKnight Foundation, and the Minnesota State Legislature.


For more information contact:
Barbara Hackett Cox
Arts Education Facilitator & Consultant
ph: 612-221-8303