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Dimensions of Understanding
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Dimensions of Understanding
Dimensions of Understanding

Support for thinking about HOW to design instruction and teach for understanding.

How do you do it?  (short version)
1.  Form group (3-4 people) to focus on one discipline together.
2.  Select an introductory topic familiar to all.
3.  Brainstorm:  What would it mean to understand this topic?
4.  Sort ideas into dimensions of understanding.
5.  Reflect:  How might a dimensions analysis help you in your work?

What is this exercise about?
This brainstorming exercise helps you figure out what matters about a discipline...
What are the four Dimensions of Understanding?
How could you use this exercise?

We’ve used this exercise in large groups and in small teams. It is a great way to begin a collaboration because it surfaces what matters to all the people sitting at the table...